Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Postponed

This past weekend I had planned the perfect girls time away with Pamela, my BFF that I so rarely see. I had to cancel due to a train wreck of a migraine that had me flat on my back for the entire weekend. So, instead of writing to you about how wonderful our time at the Bed and Breakfast in Austin was, or how perfect my two little God Children are, I'm writing to tell you that I lost $159 on the reservation at the inn (curtly explained by the owner), and spent another $200 at the Urgent Care center getting Phenergan and Stadol shots so that I could live. The up side? I lost 4 pounds puking my guts out. And, I am now well rested - something I haven't been in..I don't know...months.

I am going to try again next weekend, and with any luck I will be telling you all about the fantabulous time I had with Pamela, Lanegan, and Madeleine.

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HeyJade said...

Oh man, that stinks...I'm so sorry you had such a terrible time...that just means that next weekend will be all that much better (here's hoping anyway).