Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rescued Kittens

Since Sunday morning we have known that there were kittens buried somewhere deep in the Pampas Grass in our back yard. It's a rather large and overgrown stand of the stuff full of vines and other treasures. I have seen Possums waddle in and out of it, bird nests, and *cringe* snakes. On Sunday we were out back and saw one of the cats that frequent the neighborhood run from it. Shortly after, I heard the teeniest of mewing coming from the grass. I had to investigate and soon figured out that there were 2 distinctly different little voices in there. I tried to part the grass and look with a flashlight. That stuff was thick. I went in a couple of feet and still couldn't find them. Chris assured me that Mama Kitty would be right back. He had great faith in the ways of nature (um yeah, whatever honey...I suspect another motive on his part, he was not ready to go Indiana Jones style into the Pampas Grass). I reluctantly went inside and put earplugs in to block out the heartbreaking meows.

Fast forward to this morning. The meows I could still hear, and they sounded so weak. Since the husband wasn't there to talk me out of it, I donned leather gloves, long sleeves and pants, and boots. That's right, I went in after these little rascals commando style. I had to use a small machete kind of thing and a tree pruner, but I got there. It looked like there was an old Possum den or something, like a little cave. Very sturdy and about 3 feet from the ground. (You can kind of see the hole I started to make a couple of days ago about half way up in the above picture)

I had to kind of climb in and there they were. Just 2 little gray kittens. Just days old. I don't believe the Mama had been back at all. I'd been watching for her. I think she is a young cat - maybe didn't know what to do? I called Chris to let him know not to worry, that I had fearlessly gone into the wilderness and rescued the kittens all by myself. Now what to do with these little ones?

Fortunately one of the local animal hospitals that has round the clock care volunteered to take them. They have to be bottle fed every 2 hours. God bless these people. I gladly paid what it took to cover milk replacer and other supplies just to have the peace of mind knowing that these little brothers were in good hands.
They said that I could come and visit too. Any time I wanted.


MsJamie said...

Oh they are SO teeny and precious!!! You are a good woman. I hope they find homes quickly. Bless those people who do that work!!

Renate said...

Glad the baby boys are getting fed and taken care of. What hospital ended up taking care of them? Dude, your grass hill looks like a doorway into the underground world. Scary. I am glad you are taking a chainsaw to it! Good luck Ms. Handywoman. : )

Miz S said...

Those poor babies! Something may have happened to their mama. She may have been hit by a car or God knows what.