Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July, the way it should be!

We had a super time at the lake last night. I'm an enthusiast for doing holidays right, especially the 4th of July. It's a favorite, as I really appreciate living in this great country and the freedom it affords me. Unless we have a picnic outdoors and go for fireworks, it's just not the same. Brannon and McKenna joined Chris, Mavis,and me for the festivities which included lots of assorted cookies, chips, tacos, and other snacks (tailgate required for maximum enjoyment).

It was quite a crowd. You have to get there early (7pm'ish for 9:30 fireworks) and wait a while for the traffic to clear (about an hour). But you know what? It makes for a really good time to be together. We are all so busy, and usually have something scheduled for right after whatever we are doing. It was a good time to be stuck with one another, listening to the crowd noises, and feeling that breeze off the lake. Yes, give me the crowd and the wait. A good excuse to sit and do nothing for a change.

(I promise, Chris really was having a good time despite the forlorn look.)

And, by the way, April..we really missed you this year.

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