Friday, July 25, 2008

April Update....Malaysia (but not from April)

I haven't gotten an email from April since July 15th, but have been lucky enough to catch an update on one of her team members blogs. It sounds like they are so very busy with teaching, building relationships, and doing some community outreach. She posted this picture that I will share. April is the one in the blue shirt seated on the "bikeshaw". I was really glad to see that smile.

Apparently Friday is their day off, so I'm trying to imagine what kind of fun they are having today. Trip to the beach? Shopping? A chance to use a real toilet? (I'm sorry, but I am going to dwell on the toilet situation until she is home safe and I know all the details! Crazy, but that is what I've worried about the most.)

Live the moment while you are there sweet April. We are all anxiously awaiting your return so that we can hear all about it. I am continuing to pray that you find joy in the details of your adventure.

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Miz S said...

I would definitely be fixated on the toilet thing, too.