Saturday, November 8, 2008

Read in a Fortune Cookie....

Now is a good time for a new collection or hobby.

*this is timely since I will embark on the Artist Trading Card project tomorrow*

Saturday Afternoon Multi-Tasking..My Way

I'm spending my Saturday the way I like it. Just enough lounging, but not so much I feel I've wasted the day. It's a beautiful fall day and I've enjoyed coffee on the back porch, and now letting the afternoon sun come in the windows. I'm home alone with Mavis - Chris is working this afternoon. We're watching LSU play Alabama. That's the most stress I'm gonna let in today :)

I gave the doglet an overdue bath today. For those of you with human kids, you're gonna shrug off my despair when it comes to just how hard it is to keep up with this furry kid of mine. For ME, it's like keeping up with a toddler. I've struggled with her at bathtime from the beginning. We've tried double teaming her, me bathing her alone, in the tub with her, sitting on the edge, the kitchen sink, space heater to keep her warm, no space heater... No matter what, she fights bigtime. This time, I tried something a trainer recently told me. I was completely silent the whole time. No "it's ok baby, shhhh, BE STILL!!!". Non of that. I was silent from the time we went into the bathroom. Even the times that I have used a soothing voice all the way through and not yelled it hasn't made a difference. This time, I was shocked to find that Mavis was completely relaxed. So much so that she laid in my arms hanging her legs down while I lathered her head. I have no scratch marks. I'm a believer. This may be the start of a beautiful thing. I also tried a new shampoo. My pooch had an Aveda Shampure spa treatment today. I think she's worth the money. She's a calm submissive silky smooth :) I've tried several shampoos especially for dogs, baby shampoo (which I always still use on her face) and this one made her the most beautiful. It's the little things that make me happy. Now my doglet smells amazing!

I've also managed to hang some pictures that have been stacked and waiting on me. I have a small collection of antique postcards. I've had a few framed and hung them today. I also framed (myself thank you!) a print we got in New Orleans. That goes up today too. This is my most recent postcard find, "Bon Voyage".
I think the last energy I will exert will be gathering together some supplies to work on something artistic tomorrow. Georgianna is coming over and we are going to take a first stab at Artist Trading Cards. I am eager to get my hands working on art again, this is the perfect project. Small and easy to finish. I do think it's gonna be hard for me to let go of what I've created - that's always been difficult to me. I don't think I could ever make money as an artist. Once I'm satisfied with a painting I get so attached to it. We'll see how this goes :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yeah, what they said.

A couple of people that I read daily summed it up nicely for me. Jade says trust in God here, and Anne says stop whining here.

Yeah, what they said. Now if you'll excuse me I have some things to get involved in.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pain Management

Update 11/5 I am cautiously optimistic today that these injections may have hit most of the right spots. Even if the pain relief is short lived, we may have found the source of the pain. Long term relief may be in sight with the next step!

I don't like to talk about it much, but I battle chronic pain every day and have for years. Mostly in my neck, it is my constant keeper it seems. I've tried almost every treatment there is, and yesterday I went back for more of the same. Injections under anesthesia directly to the nerves affected. In the past this has been somewhat effective but not 100%, but this time they hit more spots at one time. I look like I've been visited by aliens after this round of injections - sometimes I feel like it too. I just had to take a picture for the XFiles factor :)

Anyone have any miracle cures for arthritis and chronic pain of the cervical facet joints? I'm all ears. Really I am. I'm getting desperate and am not much good for anyone or anything when I hurt this much. I've tried so many things, but science moves fast. Maybe you've tried something I haven't. Here's a list.

Cortisone injections
Meds (neuro drugs, pain meds. Etc)
Bio Feedback
Acupuncture (not going back for more of that)
Decompression Therapy
Chiropractic (still do regularly)

Besides the stress of constant pain, the stress of spending a pile of money on remedies that don't fix me is a killer. There is a surgical procedure that has been recommended, but we're talking about such a scary place to be screwing with. My doctor says they can destroy the nerve endings (rhizotomy) in the arthritic joints giving semi-permanent relief. I don't know, I'm just throwing it out there. Anyone had this done? Know anyone that has had it done?

Ok, enough said on this subject. Thanks for letting me share.