Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pain Management

Update 11/5 I am cautiously optimistic today that these injections may have hit most of the right spots. Even if the pain relief is short lived, we may have found the source of the pain. Long term relief may be in sight with the next step!

I don't like to talk about it much, but I battle chronic pain every day and have for years. Mostly in my neck, it is my constant keeper it seems. I've tried almost every treatment there is, and yesterday I went back for more of the same. Injections under anesthesia directly to the nerves affected. In the past this has been somewhat effective but not 100%, but this time they hit more spots at one time. I look like I've been visited by aliens after this round of injections - sometimes I feel like it too. I just had to take a picture for the XFiles factor :)

Anyone have any miracle cures for arthritis and chronic pain of the cervical facet joints? I'm all ears. Really I am. I'm getting desperate and am not much good for anyone or anything when I hurt this much. I've tried so many things, but science moves fast. Maybe you've tried something I haven't. Here's a list.

Cortisone injections
Meds (neuro drugs, pain meds. Etc)
Bio Feedback
Acupuncture (not going back for more of that)
Decompression Therapy
Chiropractic (still do regularly)

Besides the stress of constant pain, the stress of spending a pile of money on remedies that don't fix me is a killer. There is a surgical procedure that has been recommended, but we're talking about such a scary place to be screwing with. My doctor says they can destroy the nerve endings (rhizotomy) in the arthritic joints giving semi-permanent relief. I don't know, I'm just throwing it out there. Anyone had this done? Know anyone that has had it done?

Ok, enough said on this subject. Thanks for letting me share.

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Anonymous said...

I googled owls this morning. We heard what we think sounded like one through our fireplace and wanted to see what kinds are in TX. Child also wants dog-would LOVE a Yorkie. We're concerned about time and expense plus, would it be eaten by an owl if occasionally left outside and unsupervised.

Are you still in pain? Have you had any ligament therapy? Family member had it after trying a few things on your list. It may have worked. The pain is mostly gone. (still pops, tho) Therapist said that ligament issues are not normally addressed and sometimes the "injury" is just looking down a long time (at a laptop in home office, for instance) instead of straight ahead (monitor height). If this is the problem, says it can often be easy to fix but usually won't go away until addressed with specific massage and (short, simple) exercises and changing detrimental posture/habits.

I don't know about Twitter or whatever this is so I'm leaving the therapist's office #. Maybe they know one in your area if you still need help. 512-327-1988. Good luck.