Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Visit to Music City

This week we paid a visit to Nashville to see April in her new hometown. We had the best time doing mostly nothing, our favorite pastime. As long as we eat and laugh it's all good. There was movie watching in the hotel room, several visits to really great coffee shops (Nashville has the best coffee shops), and of course a trip to Guitar Center in Nashville. I thought we would miss our flight - Chris and April were just lost in there. It goes without sayin, Mavis went with us. It was her 2nd trip on an airplane. She's a pro! I just have to stick a foot into her carrier under the seat and she's happy.

Chris, Mavis and I also got the chance to visit with Bernie at A Place to Bark. The folks at my office all pitched in to take a donation for her ongoing building project, which gave me a good excuse to visit. I really appreciated her taking time out of a very busy schedule to visit with us. I got the VIP tour of her shelter, and some always welcome puppy love from the adorable schnauzer pups! (it was FREEEZING - we had to tuck them in our jackets)

In a addition to her obvious passion for animals, Bernie is an artist. She is active in the ATC (Artist Trading Card) movement, having written a book and teaching others how to create in workshops. Bernie gave me a copy of her book, and now I'm getting motivated. I may have to start a shoe box of supplies and get started creating my own cards. I majored in Fine Art/Painting and Drawing in college. I've just let it go over the years. This would be a great way to get back in the swing of things. I've still got some of the old tools, just need to dust them off.

Most of all I'm encouraged by the hearts of others who strive to do the right thing, and give selflessly. Not just Bernie, but my April too. It was a good visit.

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