Sunday, July 6, 2008

In the backyard, holiday's end.

The house is quiet, I have poured myself a glass of Tawny Port, and I am going to tell you about my day from the back porch. Astrud Gilberto is serenading, along with the tree frogs and crickets. Indulge me if you will, that is after all why you and I are here.

It's the last day of my long 4th of July weekend, and Chris and I spent the afternoon working in the backyard. After a trip to Lowes (doglet in tow) we set out to re-do the small bed on the back porch, and some clean up out here in general. I should have taken a true before shot, but in hindsight I'm glad I didn't. Frankly, it was embarrassing. This "post excavation" shot will have to do.

I have been mourning the loss of my favorite Rosemary bush for quite some time now. I've been in denial and have let the dead, dry stick of a bush sit in the dirt for too long. Out it goes!

I chose assorted ferns to fill it up since it gets no direct sunlight at all. It's been a while since I really got down and stuck my hands in the dirt. I used to do it so often, I need to do it more. Trouble is I have some pretty hefty neck and back issues that remind me after I'm done why I don't do it more often. (so there, I shouldn't have been embarrassed about the state of the beds in the backyard now should I have?) We also put up a small trellis for one of our many trumpet vines. There is a constant debate on whether or not the trumpet vines get to stay. Of course, my vote is trumpet vines wherever they please. I love the feeling of being hidden away in a jungle.

Oh, yeah. We also stopped at the grocery store for something to grill after we finished. This is the result of me getting excited about a sale on chicken at the store.

For crying out loud, it's just the 2 of us now and one 4lb dog. I guess there will be chicken leftover, chicken salad, (and you can comment with any ideas) for the rest of the week. It was good stuff, and I'm glad I didn't settle for a snack and then to bed like I wanted to. Mavis even got in on the excitement. She could hardly contain herself with the yummy smell of chicken on the grill.

(Mavis caught in the act of "boinging" up and down to try to get a swing at the chicken)

I'm grateful for the chance to garden with my husband, cook as much chicken on the grill as we want, and then sit in peace all by myself and reflect on the day. I know that it is a privilege much more than I deserve. I love what my brother in law Richard always says to his teenage son, "if life were fair, I wouldn't even be alive right now". Same goes for me. I cherish all the good things that happen in my backyard.

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MsJamie said...

LOL ... love the boinging!! too cute!