Tuesday, July 1, 2008

April Update...Phone Call to Asia!

I was actually able to talk to April on the phone today! There is a phone line that rings a US number that I've been able to call. She sounds great and is wishing they didn't have to move on so soon.

She told me stories of the children she has connected with, and even a small baby that she was able to hold and rock. Although there have been heartbreaking things to see, she has also seen beauty. It also sounds like performing for large groups is becoming second nature. This is a big step for her. Funny how God will take us around the world to grow us in areas that could just have easily been cultivated at home. He has big plans for this child, I suspect.

Her group leaves tomorrow at midnight for the next destination, a large metropolitan city in SE Asia. My prayer is that she will find the next stop just as fulfilling, and be a huge blessing to each person she comes in contact with.

Thanks to those of you who are keeping April in your prayers. Although I am busting with how proud I am of her, and so excited for her, I just can't wait to have her home again. Even if it will only be a few short days before she treks cross country to her new school. I will treasure those days.

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