Monday, June 30, 2008

Antiques Road Show

The Antiques Roadshow was in town this past weekend, and we got to go! I am a shameless groupie and we watch it regularly. Since Chris is usually invited to these things as press, we were given press passes and able to enjoy the status... escorted to the front of the lines..yada yada yada. We were introduced to any of the appraisers we wanted to meet. I even got to meet Leigh Keno, one of the famous twins from the show. Leslie was there too, but was about to go on camera or I would have met both. I was tempted to stand around for hours and wait, but that would have been a bit too obvious. They are so dreamy.....sounds like I’m a shameless groupie of the Keno Twins, doesn’t it? Hmmmm.

Chris blogged a little more about the whole experience here. He had a little adventure of his own with his Supergirl #1 comic book.

We are both still a little giddy.

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MsJamie said...

how fun! btw, my husband works in radio too :)