Friday, June 20, 2008

The Doglet

I have been chastised this morning by the little dog to whom I am mother. She looked at me with this look that said "you spend a lot of time with that laptop in your hands and I don't think you have said too much about me yet". She's right, please forgive me. Allow me to properly introduce the one we fondly refer to as "Poopy Doo", "The Doglet", and officially Mavis Pearl.

She is a 15 month old Yorkshire Terrier weighing in at a whopping 4 1/2 pounds. She has been a fresh challenge and source of joy that I was really in need of.

At the moment, the two of us are enjoying a little quiet time on the back porch with the birds, and my must have coffee and granola. It's early, and I'm not much of an early morning person, but this is nice. I think I'll make an effort to do this more often. It's good for both of us. A good thing happening in my back yard.

1 comment:

MsJamie said...

She is toooo precious!! Nice to meet you, Mavis Pearl!