Wednesday, June 25, 2008

use #497 for a cork

Tonight I get home from work and the husband is getting his hands dirty working on the sprinkler system. I have Sushi and a bottle of wine. I'm really looking forward to some downtime with him, and he has a broken sprinkler part in his hand chanting "must go to Home Depot" as a man will do. The lawn really did need to be watered, but I didn't want him to go. Super quick I shuffle through the Rolodex in my head of all the clutter we have in the house. Piles and stacks that have caused me fits and shame and countless other feelings. I can't seem to get rid of it. Probably because I'm so stinkin fond of so much of it. Surely I have something that'll save us a trip to Home Depot tonight. It hits me, wine bottle cork! We needed to cap the sprinkler head, and I have LOTS of those. A use for my clutter! Validation!

It worked too, like a charm. There was so much charm that as soon as we watered it promptly began to rain. Not a little rain, but big, windy, loud lightning and thunder rain. My favorite kind. It's been raining for over an hour, still pouring and booming out there. Now I want to dig through the bowl of corks and remember the stories that go with them all. 'Cause you know there's a story for each one.

We had a good night. I'm glad I have clutter - today anyway. Today I will embrace the clutter and just appreciate who I am.

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