Thursday, June 26, 2008

So Mavis and I are lounging in the backyard enjoying the evening, and I'm thinking...she's so dang cute. I have to share. So I jump up and run in for the camera so you can share the puppy love. I'm saying things like "somebody get me a spoon, I have to eat her up" and "who said you could be so cute?" in that really annoying voice people use with their children and pets. I'm sure the neighbors just love it.

I really should be giving her a haircut and bath this evening, but I think instead we will go to the dog park so she can flirt with Oreo the long hair Chihuahua.


nandini said...

She's beautiful! And are those buttons nefariously disguised as eyes? :D

MsJamie said...

She really is WAY too cute for her own good!!