Thursday, June 12, 2008

Odd time for a good memory.

The extraordinary amount of neck pain I am experiencing today has brought back memories of my equestrian days. Its strange how sometimes unpleasant experiences can bring back pleasant memories. The link is that I took a nasty fall with my horse and hit my head and neck on the pavement. My neck and head have never been the same since. But that's not what I’m remembering today.

His name was Chaco, and he was a bay Paso Fino with a white star and one white sock. He was handsome, and I believe, loved me unconditionally. He was probably the best friend I had in High School. We understood each other, Chaco and me. When my truck would turn the corner down the dirt road he would run the fence to greet me. I spent afternoons grooming and riding him.

We’d spend hours together preparing for horse shows. There were a few of those, but most of the time we just had fun together. There was nothing I loved more on a summer afternoon than to go out for a long ride. I miss those days.

I grew up and went off to college. I came home one weekend and Chaco had gone to live somewhere else. Can’t blame my parents for selling him, but I was heartbroken. I knew it wasn’t fair to Chaco or them that I wasn’t there to take care of him anymore. I hope that he was happy wherever he ended up.

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