Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good things happen in my backyard.

Really good things happen in my back yard. I knew it would be that way the first time I stepped out into it. This back yard is what sold me on the house. It's big Cypress and Pine trees and wonderful slope. My husband was sold on the wood floors. But I must have trees, and this backyard has TREES.

Over the years, in my backyard, we have had light hearted and funny conversations with each other, and life changing talks with the kids. We’ve shared good times with friends, and made memories with family.

Romantic evenings with my husband are a little more romantic when shared on the patio in my backyard. Saturday morning coffee tastes better when I drink it there too. And I must brag a little, the best steak I’ve ever had, my husband cooked for me in my backyard.

It was in my backyard that I spent some of the best last hours with my beloved Beaux Kitty. We strolled in the sun, and sat in the rain. It was his backyard too.

Birds! There are birds in my backyard. Carolina Wrens, Cardinals, Chickadees, Dark Eyed Juncos, Tufted Titmice, Blue Jays, Mocking Birds, Robins, Humming Birds, and more that don’t come to mind just now. At the moment the Wrens are not five feet away keeping quite busy. I love my backyard for this.

My backyard is sanctuary to me. Good things happen in my backyard.

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