Wednesday, August 27, 2008

San Diego

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to go on a business trip to San Diego and I brought Chris and Mavis along. I took an extra couple of days and we had a great time seeing a few sights despite the fact that I got so sick with a sinus infection I had to find a doctor while I was there. I wasn't about to miss San Diego so towards the end Chris just propped me up in the convertible we rented and we kept going. I took tons of pictures except for the day we went to Coronado Island. We forgot the camera that day. I was too tired to throw fit for Chris to go back and get it.

Mavis had her first trip on an airplane. She was so good, nobody even knew that we had her with us.

We went sailing in the Bay at sunset. Mavis even had her own little life jacket (it's under the fuzzy blanket - got a little chilly for a doglet out on the water). She loved sailing - even fell asleep towards the end and snored.

Chris got to steer the boat.

We went to the dog beach at Ocean Beach. Mavis is NOT a fan. I made her go anyway.
Can you see the pout?

We stayed at the marina on Harbor Island. This was our backyard for 5 days. Mavis got spoiled with the regular walks and the yachts and all. She will tell you that she deserves better than our ho-hum life. I will tell you that she lives better than lots of kids do. Oh but we love her though. We made lots of good memories.


Joanne said...

Thanks for sharing all the pretty pictures with us... sigh, wish I was there! I can only imagine the fun Seven would have at a Doggie Beach!

HeyJade said...

That ridiculous. Cracks me up. I love the picture of Chris steering the boat with a tiny dog wrapped in a pink blanket in his arm...hilarious!