Friday, August 22, 2008

Finally saw the owl I've been hearing.

I was having a glass of wine in the back yard this evening (a lovely Syrah/Grenache Rose to be exact) when I was surprised by the treat of seeing the little owl that I've been hearing lately. It was just dusk so I still had light to see. He's an Eastern Screech-Owl, the reddish brown variety. As he was first perched in our pine tree about 20 feet up, I went under the branch and we just looked at each other for about 3 minutes of pure wonder on my part. Then he flew to a higher branch for a moment, then over to the cypress tree, and on out for the evening hunt. I wish I could turn back time and have my camera at the ready. It was nice though to just have the moment and not be distracted with trying to get a good picture.

I love my backyard. I'm grateful for the escape it provides.

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