Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Deep Thinking From the Backyard

Sitting in my backyard tonight, I am reminded how God works in the little things. I guess, if you consider Twitter and blogging the little things (I do, compared to lots of things). I have experienced His love over and over again both in what I've read and the souls I've met thus far. The comfort of this backyard is one more little thing - but giant blessing I have been given. It's cool, the sliver of a moon is out, and the tree frogs are seranading us. How fortunate am I that I'm allowed to experience all this.

I've only been doing this (blogging, Twitter) since June, and already I've found kindred spirits. For me that's rare. Even had the blessing of talking with one over the phone recently when I reached out in her time of need. I have plenty of "times of need" believe me, but I do seem to get some of that met when I reach out. I've enjoyed a pen pal of sorts from India - a crazy good gifted writer who never ceases to make me smile. All of this has been such a great open door for me. I said early in June when I started this thing that it was a new season for me. This season continues to bloom. In so many ways. There have even been some blessings under my nose that did not come to light until I stepped out on this ledge. I asked April, on the only phone call we've been able to have this summer, "do you think God uses Twitter, and blogs, to do His will?" I wish you could all know her. She said "uh, YES" in only that way that a 20 year old completely in tune with Him could answer.

Tonight I'm thanking God for those moments, the kindred spirits, and the road ahead. I've had the chilled feeling that the winds of change are upon us in this house. I will embrace each blessing that comes. Here, there, or anywhere. There, I said it. God, bring it on. Open the doors.


HeyJade said...

I agree with April..."uh, YES!". I know that I have grown closer to people I already know and people I have never met through blogging and whatnot. There's just something about being able to write out your feelings, thoughts, experiences and being able to read those of others''s a bonding experience. And that includes the good times and the bad times. Being able to discuss the mundane to the God-moving-mountains moments in our life with people who really 'get' us is definitely God at work, helping us learn, grow and stretch.

Joanne said...

I know I feel cleansed when I blog... it helps me clear out my head, and vent any junk that I might have going on. It's helped me verbalize things that God is doing in my life, or helps me see things He's trying to tell me. Plus what Jade said too.