Monday, August 4, 2008

Girls Weekend Away, Mission Accomplished

I recently spent a long weekend away in Austin with Pamela, my BFF. We spent Saturday evening with her family, including my God Children Madeleine and Lanegan. I can't begin to tell you how precious these 2 little ones are. Old enough now to be little people and really coming into who they are. Madeleine a little Diva, and Lanegan a sensitive, bright young man. It just kills me that I can't see them more often. Sunday morning, with little more than 24 hour just to ourselves we set out for a day and night on the town, just like old times. We visited old haunts, had talks that will forever remain in the vault, a couple of great meals here and here, and some good old Austin fun.

We stayed at the Austin Motel where we lounged in the pool. I highly recommend it if you are not high maintenance, enjoy a retro experience, and don't insist on room service. It's a really cool (and affordable) place in the heart of our capitol city.

Another "put up your feet" photo for my collection.

Later we took in some music (Hey Bale!) at the Continental Club. The band was incredible, some of the members having played in the past with the likes of Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, and Buck Owens just to name a few. I was even persuaded to go one round of swing dancing - if you know me well enough, then you know that Val doesn't dance. It was too much fun. (Seriously, we had TOO much fun, I'm getting a little old for the good old days) We stayed up late (REALLY late), and got up early, but I wouldn't have changed that for the world.

Thanks Pamela for a wonderful girls weekend away. If you guys end up going straight from Turkey to Italy, and don't come back here first, then I will have to find my way there just to get our fix. I'll keep my fingers crossed for Italy (I know it's what you want:). It will be a good excuse for Chris and me to do some globe trotting!

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