Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Excuse #52

I have been a terrible blogger the last few weeks. Neglectful etc etc. You could probably say I've also been lacking in the wife, mother, sister, daughter (well maybe not so much that one), employee, and friend department. Mavis even seems to be telling me in her way that even she prefers to be around her daddy more than me. THAT's an all time low. I'm so out of whack even my dog won't give me the time of day. I'm gonna have to find my bootstraps, then start pulling. I'm in a terrible slump! Just look at my office!

I had to get up, stand at the door and just look at it earlier today. It's time to burn some of this stuff in the trashcan and make everyone believe I never saw it when they ask "where's that copy of the soandso agreement"..and so on (naw, I'd never do that, really I wouldn't.) That copy of Treasury and Risk magazine is months old. I should at least get rid of that. I do think I have a good excuse for the old mags and piles of paper though. I do. The management here at the office has decided that recycling costs too much. I'm not kidding. I haul stuff home to recycle. So there, it's the companies fault that my office is such a mess.

I have one 5lb dog that eats a quarter cup of food a day, how hard can it be to keep up with that? The kids are in college, out of the house. I do however have to keep up with that sweet man I'm married to. That is A WHOLE LOT like having a little kid at home sometimes. But I'm not raising 5 kids while in command of the State of Alaska, and at the same time running for Vice President of the USA. I'm pretty sure I don't have a good excuse for such a messy existence.

Seriously (finger now pointed at my face) you've got to grab ahold of yourself woman! People need you. You need you. You have a life list to accomplish. You have a life list that you haven't even blogged about yet.

Major slacker I am, and I had such high hopes for myself.

I shall start taking my vitamins again, pay attention to all the sticky notes I've left myself, and I will find those bootstraps.

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Joanne said...

Thanks for your comment... I was starting to think I was talking to myself b/c nobody was commenting on any of my posts. Not that I need comments... oh who am I fooling? I do. I totally do. Otherwise I'm just a crazy woman muttering to herself on a lonely blog.