Thursday, September 18, 2008

Upgrade Me

I have made some changes in the last month that you could call upgrades. I'm thinking my brain is going to explode from trying to remember all the things that come with these upgrades. I got a new car, really just an upgrade of the same car I had, but with all the extras I didn't have before. All those different places for switches, gadgets and new features I've never had. Satellite radio..I have like 20 favorite channels. I don't have 20 buttons. I've got a cheat sheet but then that's not too safe when you're cruising down the freeway. Then I decided that I would get an iPhone. I LOVE my iPhone, but oh man are there are so many things to see and do. I lay in bed at night just looking at all the different things there are to do when I should be sleeping. I downloaded an app for virtual fortune cookies that deliver the "fortune" to be shared here later. In the office I put the iPhone on the credenza behind my desk and I can feel it staring at me, asking me to stop what I'm doing and use it to do something incredibly worthwhile. There will probably be a need for a lockbox to put it in just so I can stay focused on my job. I'm sure this is just the honeymoon, I'll get over it...or I'll say "how did I ever live without my iPhone".
I've never been the one to have the cool new gadget. I decided that it was time for me to treat myself. It feels really good.

In totally unrelated news, I have inadvertently turned my husband into a Fox News junkie:) I leave it on for Mavis every day when I go to work. I think she likes the regular reporters and anchors, you know familiar voices and faces to keep her company. Chris comes home every day and it's on and he can't stop watching. I think it's kind of funny. From Star Trek and the History Channel to Fox News. I'd say he's well rounded.

Oh, and Mavis is speaking to me again. All I had to do was cook for her and give her treats for breakfast (the equivalent of giving your kids Chocolate Cake for breakfast). We're old pals again. She still hates it when I read or use my computer. She was throwing a huge fit, but is now curled up beside me. Proof that Chocolate Cake for breakfast is a very good idea.

One more thing - I talked to April for the longest time today. She is doing so very well and is really stretching herself. I am proud of her. She has also changed her major to Social Entrepreneurship. I really think it fits her.

I think that about covers it. Me and the doglet are going to bed.

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Joanne said...

Thank you for your wonderful card. You are so awesome and it was just what I needed to hear, right at that moment. I was starting to throw myself a major pity party, and that card was the kick in the you-know-what I needed. Plus the card totally cracked me up! Love it!