Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mr. Spock

I think it's unanimous that our little Eastern Screech Owl will be named Mr. Spock (thank you Joanne!) Here is some audio (and mostly dark video) I got around dusk Sunday night. You can hear him "whinny", which I understand is usually used in territorial defense. I also think I might have heard another one over in the next yard. Hopefully he will get used to me hanging around and I'll get to hear the "trilling" that is not so defensive(owl lingo you know).

Chris called me at the office yesterday to tell me that he was there in the same place in the afternoon. I didn't get home until well after dark, so I wasn't able to visit with him (Mr. Spock that is). Come to think of it I was so late that Mavis was the only one I could visit with. Chris is an early bird, while I'm more of a night owl...GaaaaHaaaaHaaaa! Couldn't resist the lame joke.

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