Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tribute to Sasha

My friend Susan and her husband Harry lost their little dog-child Sasha on Monday. She went in her sleep while they were at work. Susan and I spent Tuesday morning being all weepy in my office.

This picture was taken at Mavis Pearl's 1st birthday party (you heard me right). Sasha was the reason there even is a Mavis Pearl in our life. We went to a Super Bowl party at Susan and Harry's in 2007. There we met darling little Sasha for the first time. Prior to that Chris was sticking to his "in 5 years you can have a dog" guns. We were still getting over losing our 2 cats Beaux and Pee-Wee in 2006. Sasha won him right over. The little princess will be missed so very much.

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