Thursday, June 18, 2009

my what big claws you have

Spock has been spending evenings out of the nest box before dusk. She still spends the good part of the day in there though. Last night I watched and she is still in and out of the box as she hunts after dark as well. I'm still wondering and second guessing whether or not we have owlets on the way or here already. Too chicken to climb up and look inside. **update June 19th 9pm - we have just heard owlets making noise in the nest box as the adults come in with food!! WE HAVE OWLETS!!**

I love to watch her as she gets ready to head out for the evening. She has the routine of stretching each wing one at a time, and checking out the action in the yard pre-dusk. We just sit quietly in each others company. It makes me so happy. Who needs TV?

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Joanne said...

Does that make you a Grandmowl? Sorry, lame. But congrats! When will they venture out into the world?