Friday, August 28, 2009

Flashback Friday

Seven years ago this month I married the man. My friend Kimberly over at Petroville had me thinking about it this week when she asked "where did you go on your honeymoon, and how much did you spend on the wedding?". After digging through some old files I found the wedding budget spreadsheet, and some snapshots from what seems like a lifetime ago. We spent $2,620, and that included EVERYTHING. Even the wonderful honeymoon to Cozumel. Thrifty me!

The kids were our wedding party. Brannon the best man, and April the maid of honor. They're all grown up and out of the nest now. Seems like just yesterday we were talking about drivers licenses and curfews.

* that piece of frozen cake still in Mother's freezer?*

Who is the skinny girl? WHO? And with the bare feet. Some things never change. The curled toes give away the giddiness over all the presents. I love presents!

Cake, presents, unconditional love. What more could a girl ask for? It was perfect.


Floridacracker said...

Congrats on those 7 years. Just read your previous post about seeing Vicki. Isn't she great?

amarkonmywall said...

I love this post- and not just because of Ray's kind comment there to my left. You were a very cute bride- not to mention simply beautiful! These photos weren't what I was expecting but they'll do until I get to see those WOLS again. ;-) I thought of you today while down at Boyd Hill- I'm getting ready to start training one of the red-shoulders to go out on education programs. This requires the BIG gloves.

Val said...

Thanks FC, and yes Vicki is the best!

Vicki, I do have more WOLS to share. Got some video of the juvies bobbing heads and squabbling during a thunderstorm one evening. Coming soon I promise ;)

Renate said...

Such a beauty. I have no doubt if you keep up this eating lifestyle that you will be down to wedding weight! So exciting!!!