Tuesday, July 21, 2009

humming a new tune

The humming birds are keeping me company since the owl family departure.

Now that I'm not glued to the owl watching chair in the back yard, I can get back to the business of..well..everything else that isn't owl watching. I've been a terribly neglectful Godmother. I missed Madeleine's 3rd birthday, which is borderline criminal since they are living in Turkey where there IS NO shopping mall. Gifts in the mail from Aunt Val are important. I failed. So, I dutifully went shopping today and loaded up on goodies for Madeleine and her brother Lanegan.

In addition to the usual haul of DVDs, tiaras, and clothes, Madeleine is getting ridiculous pink and purple rubber shoes that she will undoubtedly love, and my dearest friend Pamela, her mother, will despise. Muaaahhahhaa. Evil me.

Speaking of tiaras, I have doglet stories. The doglet stories have been on hiatus way too long. She's ready for a come back.

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