Friday, January 16, 2009

One more thing.....

My friend Joanne just helped jar me back into reality with her post today. It's not Christmas any more. Our tree is still up, and the stockings still hung. Maybe it's denial, I love Christmas so much. Or maybe it's the hope that Saint Nick is still looking for my house.


Joanne said...

Woo! Shout-out on Val's blog! Heh, I'm with you, I like Christmas too and I think the tree looks so jaunty. It's really the only thing in my house that's decorated. Although if I'm being truthful, these days it's looking more dead than jaunty.

Izzy Rose said...

Hello fellow Texan and stepmom,

just found your site and thought I'd say hello.
Stop by mine some time and join the ongoing stepmom dialogue-

Izzy Rose