Friday, May 7, 2010

downy goodness

This evening I got the special gift of quality time with the owlets. Lot's of great video, not so many good photos. They come out at dusk when the light is so difficult.

Here's a little treat from tonight's show. More to come as soon as I can get the edit and clean up done. I managed to capture two of them shoving for a spot peeking out of the nest box. So we know once again there are two. Might there be three? Want to help me name them? Last year we had Elvis and Costello. Who are these little guys?


Renate said...

What an awesome picture. Throwing out the names Tom & Jerry, first thing that came to mind.;)

vicki said...

GREAT video. These little screechers just crack me up. This guy has a sort of Stevie Wonder maneuver going on with his head as he tries to zero in on you. "Stevie" or "Wonder"?

Clearly I need to catch up. The owl box my neighbors bought just has bees! (And lots of honey). I don't hang one here because of the Cooper hawk, Mr Hannibal and his wife. No sense opening a restaurant. But I can wait to see if I get screechers in the Asheville box!

phonelady said...

How about cuff and linc ? they are so cute oh my gosh i just got back from the farm and petting the cows and goats and the cows tongues were like sandpaper lol . god bless all of gods creatures .