Sunday, May 3, 2009

Owl Sighting After All

I'm REALLY happy to report that we finally spotted our Eastern Screech Owl in the yard last night. Not only one, but two! One of them in the Owl house - I'm going to assume it was a female. We'll call her "the missus".

We were sitting out under the porch during a rain storm and saw one fly to a branch nearby. I heard him trilling, and alternately a trilling I had not heard before - kind of a more excited form (and not the B song - I know that one to be very different). It was difficult to tell where the alternate trilling was coming from until I saw a head poke out of the house for a minute or so. When she retreated into the house, it sounded like the excited call was coming from inside it again.

Now I'm wondering if Mr. Spock was really a mister since he's no longer roosting in his spot. Was that the missus all along? Is she inside the house now and not roosting in the old spot? Is he roosting in spot just out of sight? Man, this is driving me crazy. I got out my copy of "The Eastern Screech Owl" by Frederick Gehlbach. I'm skimming pages to look for any information to give me a clue. Also for anything that will help me know how to accommodate them so that they won't abandon the nest.

Stay tuned! I'm hoping I'll have more good news to report. Maybe even owlets!

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