Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I made a trip to Northwest Oklahoma this weekend with my Mom. A trip back "home". Really it's her home town, but when I go it feels like coming home for me too. The occasion was a sad one, we buried a very special loved one. Still it was good to be there.

We spent a good bit of time at the cemetery, visiting the graves of loved ones gone. Mom will be buried there one day. The trip had me thinking about that day. What I'll need to know and do. I was reminded that I'm getting a little older. A little closer to the time in my life that used to seem an eternity away.

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Linda and Denny said...

My mother had made some of her wishes known, some favorite songs written down, a pre-paid funeral (that needed badly to be updated) and had simplified her life, but there's still so much I wish she had written down when it comes to her exact preferences. When all of this craziness is over, I'm creating a folder for my kids with clear cut instructions on how to handle everything I can think of after my death, all the information on our finances, where to find our legal documents and all the information that is so important after you are gone.

And thank you for your kind comments. They do make a difference.